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Pima County is southern Arizona's most populous county, with over one million people residing within the county's 9,184 square miles. Most of the population, over 544,000, live in the City of Tucson.

Pima County has 241 non-charter public schools in 18 school districts. Fourteen of those districts are unified or elementary districts, 2 are transportation districts, 1 is an accommodation district and 1 is the Joint Technicall Education District (JTED). . Transportation districts (Empire and Redington school districts) are districts that do not have schools. Their students are tuitioned out to surrounding schools. Elementary districts (Altar Valley, Continental and San Fernando) serve students in kindergarten through 8th grade, then their high school students are transported to surrounding high schools. Unified districts serve kindergarten through 12th grade students.

Most districts in Pima County (Ajo, Amphitheater, Catalina Foothills, Flowing Wells, Indian Oasis-Baboquivari, Marana, Sahuarita, Sunnyside, Tanque Verde, Tucson and Vail) are unified districts. The accommodation district serves students in the Juvenile Detention Center, incarcerated juveniles in the Adult Jail. The Joint Technical Education (JTED) is a career and technical education district in partnership with business, industry and community stakeholders. There were 130,406 students enrolled in Pima County district schools for school year 2008-2009.

Where can I find out about job openings for teachers?

You can search and apply for jobs in Arizona schools - district, charter and private schools - through the Arizona Educational Employment Board's website. The address is http://www.arizonaeducationjobs.com.

Where can I get information about the number of employees and students in a school district?

The easiest way to get school information is to call that district's office and ask there.

When do schools go on spring/winter/Rodeo Days Break? When does school start/end?

There isn't a statewide school schedule so you have to check the calendars of each district.

Where do I record my teaching certificate? Is there a fee?

Record teaching certificates in this office. We're downtown at 200 N. Stone Ave - on the northeast corner of Stone and Alameda. You can do this in person or by mail if you enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your certificate. There is no charge.

Who do I talk to if I'm having a problem at my child's school?

All schools have a chain of command. Start with the teacher, then go up the chain to the principal, then any administrators between that person and the superintendent, then the superintendent. Be courteous and keep notes of the names of the people you've talked with, the date and time you talked, and a brief summary of your conversations.

I want to renew my certificate. Can I do that in your office?

No. The Arizona Department of Education Teacher Certification Unit issues and renews certificates. The forms you need, along with the fee schedule and office locations are on their website at http://www.ade.state.az.us/certification.

Where can I get a list of charter schools or private schools?

You can get a list of charter schools and private schools here.

Where do I sign up to take the GED?

In the Adult Education division of Pima Community College. Their phone number is 206-3987 and the website address is http://www.pima.edu/adulted.

Is there a way to get academic information about schools?

Yes, for public schools. Look at their school report cards and at their school profile on the School Information Partnership page.

How many students are home schooled in Pima County? How many students attend private schools?

Because the number changer frequently, please contact our office and we will provide you the most up-to-date number.

I can't find my child's school in the phone book. Where are schools listed?

District schools and private schools are listed in the white business pages under "Schools-Public" and "Schools-Parochial-Private." Charter schools are listed under their school names.